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Chemical current sources
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Water-activated batteries are used in the equipment search and discovery offshore facilities, navigation, radio, sea and river rescue equipment, flashing lights, smoke bombs, vapparature for sensing of the atmosphere. More..

Air-zinc cells are comfortable to use, does not require recharging, have a stable voltage during the time of discharge. More..

Lithium cells and batteries are used for autonomous power supply in storage devices, digital clocks, remote control specifications, electronic games, timer, night vision devices, gas analyzers, heat meters, cash registers, security and anti-theft devices and medical equipment.More..

Zinc-manganese current sources are used as a standalone power source to power the lighting equipment, radio receivers, radio, tape recorders, communications equipment, geophysical instruments, photographic equipment. More..

Mercury-zinc cells have no rivals in terms of specific energy, the stability characteristics of the storage and discharge in convenience and ease of use. Because they are sealed to dry elements. Sources of this system does not require time to "rest", the items are working and the intermittent and continuous modes. More..

Thermal power sources is used as a stand-alone backup power sources to power the equipment of military equipment: anti-tank systems, air defense systems, missiles flight catering, food automation systems warhead, multiple launch rocket systems, non-contact radiovzryvnyh systems and sensors.More..

Rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery system (Ni-Cd) designed to power radios used by oil companies, geologists, gas companies, equipment traditional mass explosions in the open spaces of the mountain, night vision equipment, mining equipment, medical devices, electronic equipment . More..

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable batteries and battery is one of the most promising power sources for modern and newly developed electronic equipment. More..

Electrochemical capacitors: one of the uses of capacitors is to run the engine on the railways. Currently undergoing extensive technical and operational tests on the railways of JSC "Russian Railways" (Volga railway) and the Bulgarian State road.More..

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JSC "Energiya" is the largest and unique in variety of produced items enterprise in Russia. Since 1941 the plant has been specializing in the manufacture of chemical sources of current - cells and batteries. Nowadays more than 400 types of products of 17 electrochemical systems are manufactured. About 30% of the manufactured goods are organized and modernized every year.

The principle direction of activity is development and manufacture of self-contained sources of current for household, general industrial and special appliances: for gun-missile integrated weapon systems, aviation, the Navy, the civil river and sea fleet, for radio technique, household electronic and electric appliances, medical equipment, toys and games, emergency communication and alarm signaling on water, in the air and on the ground, and other various-purpose equipment.

The principle users of products of JSC "Energiya" are Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, ROSCOSMOS - Federal Space agency of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Service, Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Response, Gasprom, airlines, enterprises and organizations of Ministry of Railways and Communications, State Basin Boards all over Russia, fuel and energy complex, geology, geophysics, manufacturers of medical equipment, etc.

Products of our enterprise are exported to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, India and other countries of the CIS and beyond.

The manufacturing capabilities include the following production methods:

  • assembling
  • blanking
  • metalworking production
  • construction operations


We carry out large-scale technical reequipment of the enterprise. Annual investments for these purposes attain 25-30 million rubles. Production sections are equipped with new NC-controlled high-productivity machines: shop equipment production section which came on stream in 2009 is fully equipped with Finnish machinery; part process is effected by Japanese electroerosion machine "Sodick" in nano-sizes, an x-ray television complex "Филин" was put in force, etc.

Advanced manufacturing capabilities of the enterprise made it possible to set a course for product line diversification, to master considerable volume of manufacture of non-core products - plastic, metal and wooden articles.

JSC "Energiya" maintains its leading position in development and manufacture of chemical sources of current and other non-core products in the domestic and external market.